How to add a bookmark on your Android home screen

We all love surfing the web. Sometimes we come across websites that really interest us and we want to save them for future refrence without having to type the URL or search them in Google. Below I will show you a quick and easy way to bookmark your favorite websites and also add them to your Droid’s home screen so thatyou can easily access them whenever you want :

How to add a bookmark:

 Launch the web browser on your device
Go to your favourite website.
Now press the Menu button.
Click  on “Bookmarks” and/or then click “Add Bookmark”
A bookmark for that site is now created.

How to add a bookmark to your Android Homescreen:

You can do this in two ways:

 Launch the web browser on your device
Press Menu button
Select Bookmarks
Long press any bookmark and then click Add Shortcut to Homescreen


 Long press on a blank area on your homescreen.
Select Shortcuts
Select Bookmarks
Choose the Bookmark to the website that you want to link on your home screen.

You are done!

How to Force Stop Stuck Applications

Sometimes apps got struck up and nothing works in it. Users become helpless. To get rid of it, follow these simple steps:

How to Force Stop Stuck Applications:

Whenever you find an app that is open the menu on your Android phones and tap on settings option. On settings you will Applications. Select applications and Long Press on the app that is causing trouble. On long press, you will see options like Force stop etc..

Just tap on Force stop and that app will be stopped. For better performance, we suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources on Android

How To :  Install Apps from Unknown Sources / Non-Google Play apps on Android :

We rely on Android Market for all kind of apps. But sometimes, we want to download apps from non-market sources. On installing apps from such sources, an error messge is displayed stating that non – market apps cannot be installed due to security reasons. Don’t worry, you can enable the option to install apps from non-market sources.

1. Open the ‘Settings’ from ‘Menu’ and tap on ‘Applications’ option.

2. In the application settings, you will see ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Just tap to enable it.


After doing so, you can install any app on your Android device using the apk downloaded from internet or third-party app stores.