Multi Tasking with Android

One of the powerful features of Android OS is its capability to do multi tasking. One can run multiple applications on Android and switch between them as we do in Windows. To switch to another application which is running Press The Home Button present in your Phone for a while. This pops up a screen which shows other applications that are currently running. Select the application that you want to switch to by tapping on the application.

Sony Tablet S Root Instructions

Developers have finally gained root access on Sony’s Honeycomb tablet S and instructions are available for normal users. All you need is ADB access on your computer and a few files ( download files from here) .

->Connect Tablet S to your PC using USB (Debugging enabled in settings)
-> Check if ADB is working by running ‘ADB devices’ command. If not read this carefully to get ADB running.
-> Unzip the ZIP that you download earlier.
-> Run “RUN.BAT” file
You are rooted now. You can check by opening a root only app like Titanium Backup.


Extending Battery Life of your Android Phones

One of the major problems experienced by most users is that Battery Backup on Android devices is not good. The battery lasts for only around 6 hours after a complete recharge. According to Google, this drain is largely due to third party apps that remain active in the background and apps that check for updates over 3G / Wi-Fi periodically.

To extend your devices battery life:

Complete Drain : Simple step to enhance battery life, completely drain out your battery atleast once in a month and then charging to 100% without any breaks. You can do this for more number of times of possible.
Adjusting Screen Brightness : adjust the screen brightness of your device. Screen is the biggest juice sucker. Set your device’s brightness to automatic mode to get best results.
Disable Live Wallpapers : disable live wallpapers as much power is needed to run them.
Wi-Fi / 3G : enable them oly when needed.
Task Killers : install a number of popular task killers from the market. these tasks killers are advanced and many kill unwanted background tasks automatically. I use 4 different task killers.
Unused Apps : it is always wise to uninstall any apps that you have not used for a long time.
Limit the number of widgets on your home screen.