DeuterIDE : Android App for Programmers

DeuterIDE  is a mobile based programming text editor, online compiler, and integrated development environment built for Android. Deuter IDE app provides virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols. Deuter IDE for Android supports over 40 programming languages. This app is priced at just of INR 165 (approx.) and can be purchased from Goole Play. Want to take a quick demo of this app before purchasing this app, click here.

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– Online source code compiler and run results for over 40 languages
– Develop on this mobile IDE with syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and bracket matching support
– Open text files and use as default text editor
– Facebook and Twitter integration to share code with your friends
– Search and replace, undo and redo, jump to line, auto indent, copy and paste, and other editor functions
– Virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols
– History of compiled submissions
– HTML previewing
– User defined templates
– Option to use your own ideone login