How to take screenshots on Android 4.0 ICS devices

Android 4.0 ICS brings new features and optimisations but many of them are not visible on the interface. Native screenshot feature is among one of them that allows you take a snapshot of your mobile screen.

Tking a screenshot on your ICS device is as simple as 1.2.3. No Rooting is required if you have official ICS update running on your device.

Follow these three steps to take a s creenshot of any screen on your device such as online payment proofs  etc.

Step One:

Locate the volume down button on your device.

Step Two:

Locate the power button.

Step Three:

Press and hold the volume down button and power button  together for a second or two.

A  screenshot will be taken and you will be notified with a screenshot sound. As in Gingerbread os, the sreenshots are saved in a separate folder under ‘screenshots’ in the gallery.

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