Prankster, Gurugram

Howdy People!
So, It’s a new start and I hope you like this. Here, I’ll be reviewing all the cafes (veg as well as non-veg) surrounding Delhi-NCR. Since Delhi is full of foodie souls, this is the right location to check the place before you go!
In this blog, I’ll be reviewing one of the most hyped cafe in Sec 29, Gurgaon, presently, Gurugram, named PRANKSTER. As its name, even the place is unique in itself.
I want to start by quoting that “Food is a journey that has endless layers of flavour if you wish to get into its depth enjoy it simply.”
There are a few thing which has to be kept in mind before visiting any place. On reviewing the place myself, here are some few things I want to share with you guys!
Seating section – When it comes to seating, there shouldn’t be any compromise in the comfort. The cafe is divided into several sections named classroom, canteen, mixology lab, hostel room, library and a bar, each having a capacity of 10-12 members at least.
Ambience –This place is full of young energetic  crowd. An amazing place for couples as well as those looking for ‘good girl crowd’.
Cocktails – Prankster punk, Lemon juice, Orange juice and Vodka amazingly mixed and served.

Starters – 

  • Nitro cooked Dahi Bhalla Ice cream :

The dahi was frozen in form of ice cream and served with chatpata Bhel over it.

  • Choley kulche doughnuts:

Here the twist was the kulche were in form of doughnuts and stuffed with Choley. Served with amazing carrot mousse and Choley Tari.



  • TT lamb chop:

The lamb was very very tender and it’s something that can never be found in any other place.

The lamb was tender, juicy and very delicious.

  • Paneer tikka Fattir (Pizza) :

The pizza base was that of pattez making it very unique but equally tempting.

  • Gallati Boti Lamb Cigars, Gari Mayo :

This was again a non-veg retreat.

The lamb was so damn tender and mouth watering with every bite. With the first bite itself, it was on my recommendation list.


Main course –

1.Dal Makhani – Again is palatable and amazing.

2. Rampuri Gosht – Very tender and deliciously cooked mutton, a must try by all non-veg lovers.

3. Panner Makhni – The Gravy was made sweet from coconut milk having grated coconut too , panner being tender in taste made the dish very unique in taste with a prankster touch.

4.Keema Pulao -This was something different for me. The pulao served with chopped keema chicken made the dish bliss for Non-veg lovers. The aroma of the chicken can be felt in rice too.

5.Dessert-Mango cassata Swiss roll – A cassata formed mango cake served with mango puree made it too Mangolicious for all.



  1. TT lamb chop
  2. Gallati Boti Lamb Cigars, Gari Mayo
  3. Keema Pulao
  4. Rampuri Gosht

Veg – Paneer tikka fatir, Panner Makhni

Address8-9-10, Sector 29, Main Market, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Opening hours – 12:30 PM-1:00 AM

Phone0124 426 6653

So, that’s all for today. I hope you’ve made your mind and will surely visit this amazing place someday!

All the credits to Indian flavour trail for sharing their experience including the content and photos. Guys, follow them on their instagram handles.



Are you doing it enough for yourself?

Howdy, People!

Winters round the corner and It’s actually cold outside by now. But I must say, winters have to be the best of all the seasons. Do you think the same? Do you realise this is the last month of the year? Have you done enough to make it a successful year? Have you fulfilled all your desires you wished for as resolutions? Have you done enough for yourself? Again, It’s a big NO! Majority of you are not performing above the bar and that is actually lagging you behind in the race.

Are you ready to do something for yourself? This is the right time to start!

Ruchika Kachroo is the guest blogger for today. Her way of writing has actually inspired me and that’s the reason I want her to directly interact with you people. Not just her writing inspires me but also her attitude towards living a healthy life. Let’s find out what she has to say about this.

‘Hey there people! So let me ask you all, ‘Are you doing it enough for yourself?’ No, you won’t get any answer by just reading it. Take a minute out, close your eyes, make yourself comfortable and now think. Ask yourself the same question all over again. Are you actually there for yourself? Are you actually living your life like you have always wanted to? Are you content with whatever you have? Are you pursuing something that was ‘life goals’ to you or actually that mattered more than anything to you? Done?

Okay. Are the majority of your answers no? If that’s the case then you are actually not doing enough for yourself. Need a solution? Worry not. I’m here just to help you guys and let you guide on a right path that’d lead to self-discovery. Here we go.



  • Do less but with more focus – You DON’T need to rush. Slow down. It’s your life and nobody is after you. So do less but with full concentration and mindfulness. Allow yourself to enjoy and make every moment of yours count. Happiness doesn’t come from the things you do, but rather the attitude you bring to the things you do.


  • Take the pressure off – Remember, you are a free bird! Make yourself a contented person so that you can access your creativity, intelligence and inner wisdom easily.


  • Stop the compare and despair – Do you often compare yourself to others. Why? Just because their social media accounts are more happening as compared to yours? Just because your picture doesn’t receive the same number of likes as their picture does? Trust me, they have their own problems. They are exactly the same person as you. It’s just that you have your own path to walk and your path has value.


  • You can do anything but not everything – Remember this. Maybe we can have it all, but not all at once. Remember that line from the movie ‘Ye jawani hai deewani’ where Deepika says, “Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch toh chhutega hi. Toh jahan hai, uska maza lete hai na.” That’s exactly how it is. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Just know that no matter what happened today, you made progress.

I believe, if you’re not doing enough for yourself, whatever may be the reason, the most effective rule is to do those things that can make you happy, more often. I think It’s a pretty good way to start with anything. So, make a little list of all the things that make you happy and then all you have to do is fill your life up with those very things and make them part of your existence, part of who you are!

Once you’ve found happiness within yourself, believe me, you’ll no more be tired of the disappointments knocking your door, again and again, you’ll no more be tired of anything. Educate this beautiful mind of yours.

Thank you, Ruchika for investing your time here!

I hope it was influencing enough and believe me, you’ll surely reach where you have always wanted to be. Utilise this last month well and enjoy the breeze of winters.

See you in the next one!





Mindset is everything!

Howdy, Readers!

Before starting up with anything I just want to thank each one of you for loving me and my post this much that I have reached a milestone of 1k views. I know this milestone is not that big enough but this feeling is amazing! Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful surprise in such a short time span. You people are amazing!



It’s all about our mindset and to be precise, what I believe is that the ‘mindset’ has a key role in our lives, our experiences, everything we do, everyone we meet and what not. But at the end of the day, all we have is ‘ourselves’. It’s in our hands how we choose to see the world, everything and everyone around us. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day and to the rest of our lives, we do have the opportunity to create something big out of this life, to give our lives a meaning out of all the emotions we go through.

Whether you like it or not but each one of us does fall into either of the category – Positive or negative correlation and you know what? Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of in which category do we actually lie. Readers, what category do you think you belong to, huh?

Positive Mindset  – You people are actually going great but possessing a strong powerful positive mindset, you just need to have one simple mental adjustment. Instead, of focussing over what you can’t change, just focus on all those things that you can change. Focus on your opportunities rather than your problems.

Always say this to yourself, yes it may be difficult but well, it’s not impossible. So, to all the readers, yes I believe in you!

Negative MindsetIt has been said well that ‘You cannot live a positive life with your brain full of negativity’. Shrug it off, let it go and move on. Don’t let a bad yesterday dictate a bad tomorrow. You just have to stop thinking in extreme, as this demon is affecting you more than anyone. Stop generalizing the negative in you. Is your negative thinking making it harder than it needs to be? It’s the time, step out and maximise the positivity in you. Read good books, hang out with your friends, spend some quality time with your parents and the most important thing, try as much as you can to be around the children or play with them. They are the happiest and the most cheerful positive beings!


I hope this was effective and may influence some of you to change into a positive being. I just want to conclude here by saying that-

Fame or integrity: Which is more important?

Money or happiness: Which is more valuable?

Sucess or failure: Which is more destructive?

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you! 

See you in the next one, people!




Walk in Courage!

So, another week. Another day. And I’m back here for you guys with another write up on another important discussion. So, you guys must be thinking what next I’m going to write for you people. Is it? Just like you people, even I get excited when it comes to writing the content every week.

WALK IN COURAGE. What actually does that mean? 


Why do we get discouraged? Why do we feel alone and lost when everything is going fine? Have you ever experienced that anxiety running down your nerves, when you’re lagging behind on anything? Do you feel something relatable? Do you? It’s just that we see the problems and our challenges bigger and stronger than us, ultimately what discourages us and we feel like quitting.

Every time you compare the problem with yourself, nothing, but only heart will bear the burden of disappointments, start comparing your problems with your god, courage will fill in your heart and life will get so easy and serene. Is it so difficult to walk now?

According to you, what is actually meant by courage? Courageous are those who have the will to leave their bad past behind and work for their good one. For me courageous are those, who have fallen end number of times but still wish to get up and come back stronger, courageous are those who don’t wait for the critics to define them. They create their own definition. Knowing when to walk away is what I call as wisdom, being able to walk is what I call as courage and walking with your head held high is what I define as dignity.


Believe me, it’s not always the joy ride it seems. No journey is ever smooth but it’s the courage which may change our serious incidents into life-changing experiences and like I’ll always say, never stop whatever may happen next. The moment you stop is the same moment you may lag behind. It’s just your road, check on the milestones, drive and just enjoy your ride. Make it worthwhile! 

See you in the next one, people!






It’s actually great when you meet a person with the same thought process and vision. It was great working and discussing ideas with you. Naivedya Naithani, who is the guest blogger for today wants to share something with you. So, let’s get started!

ONE MILE AT A TIME – will it be enough to reach the destination you have chosen? Walking just a mile sounds so low, I mean who doesn’t want to have success and wealth in a short time span? But, My friend, there will be challenges in front of you, but believe me, the distance between where you are and where you want to be is not that great enough. You will reach where you have always wanted to be but travel only “one mile at a time”. Things will distract you, will try to keep you off the track, shortcuts may come in front of you but you have to keep going in spite of what may come next in your path.  You just got to believe in yourself and move step by step, just like the stairs. Disbalance can get you down to the point from where you have actually started. Are you ready for the challenge? Will you be able to make it to the last? Ask yourself!


Road (life) is full of milestones (accomplishments), hoardings (directions) and if one figure out them well, it’s very easy to reach your destination (dream).  It doesn’t matter how fast you travel but what matters is how far you travel. Running too fast can thrash you down, running too slow can lag you behind. Maintain your speed depending on the circumstance, and accordingly, implement your decisions. 

To travel far you need to inspect at the regular interval, the condition of your car (life) and carry Stepney (solution) for a Flat tyre (problem).  It’s these small things that help you maintain the pace, but at the end, it’s very important to complete the mile, look back to analyse how much you have covered till now.

Here’s one tip I want to share with you guys! Have you heard of the term ‘To do list’?

Yes, writing your To-do list sounds pretty straightforward but it is a list of things you want to accomplish in a given week or month and I actually find it very helpful. On your way to success, these small things have to be taken care of. 

  • Believe in writing it the night before as you can hit the ground hard, the next morning. Writing down the things actually, works more than we can ever think.
  • Qualify the content – the things you want to do and the ones you don’t want to.
  • Maintain your time estimates. 
  • Use sections and revaluate at the end. 

Till then, keep working on yourselves. Feed yourself with some good stuff and create your own reality. Do what excites you but, never stop!

I just want to conclude by saying – Don’t chase love, money or success. Believe in becoming the best version of yourselves and those things will chase you. See you in the next one. 





Hello to all the readers out there! It really feels happy to be back here, writing something relatable and fruitful for you guys. Before starting with anything, I LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE SO MUCH! Thank you for all the love and support, you people have been giving me from the past few days and believe me this is really exceptional. :’)

So, what can you infer from the title of the blog? No? Let’s get started with today’s discussion.  The blog titled “ROAD TO RECOVERY” has been one another important discussion which I really wanted to have with all of you. This is basically a sequel to “TO THE ROAD NOT TAKEN” and it emphasis on my peculiar nature of understanding the meaning of road.  I want to write this for all those people who have been stressing out a way too much and here’s a chance for them to bounce back from all the failures and traumatic incidents.

Fears, failures, and disappointments have let us down in many important phases of our lives. This is the same time when we actually felt, we are struggling and living alone here, cursing and abusing our lives and at times, it really becomes difficult to get out of such a phase. So, what should be done now? Do you really think you can get out of this all alone? My friend, all you need is the right road – The right path – The right guardian to make you understand and help you out in this low phase of life. Ask yourself now, do you really have that friend? The answer is within you!

You know what’s the biggest mistake we tend to do? We don’t share such personal things with anyone. Ultimately, we find ourselves chocked up, struck with so many difficulties and end up sharing with none. I mean, we humans are so complex and life is much more intricate. You’re not alone here, each one of us here is facing some challenge or the other, so, believe in sharing as it relaxes your mind and makes you stress relieved. It’s the time to “recover” from what has already been done!

I can understand what is actually running down your throat but believe me, it’s over. You don’t have to stress out. You don’t have to worry anymore. It’s the right time to move onto better things. Choose the road you are willing to traverse and move on. Lead yourself to the road of recovery!

Road to recovery

It’s the time to bounce back from all the failures. Unwind yourself, seek alternative ways of doing things, be close to your family and friends, discuss your problems, discuss your needs, Invest time in your hobbies, and as I always say, wait for that right opportunity. Wait for it, make your move and strive. Wide open your eyes and the world is actually beautiful and serene, out here. You just got to have that right vision, My Friend!


Fall down 7, Stand 8th!


Hello People! How’re you guys doing up? I hope everyone is doing fine and is in a good state. What are your plans for the week, huh? With every post, my bonding with you guys is getting stronger and stronger and I’m really happy about this. :’)

“Fall down 7, Stand 8th” is a Chinese proverb which I feel is the most appropriate and relatable when it comes down to our lives. Since, we all are adults and mature enough, I believe, distraction has been one of the most disastrous factor effecting the psyche as well as the performance.

So, the blog titled “FALL DOWN 7, STAND 8TH” is a message to all those who have been performing low till now and possess that ‘never giving up’ attitude in their lives. Certainly, Circumstances do create a change in everyone’s life. At one point, you feel to be the happiest person alive and the very next moment, you’re tired of everything and see yourself in the most loneliest place. That’s what life is all about – Up streams and down streams.. Some overcome their bad phase very quickly and the other end up struggling and fighting with themselves.

You just have to believe in the fact that, you don’t have to wait for anything to affect you or destroy you. I can understand what it feels like ‘being in the ocean of sorrows’ and having no one to help you in it but my friend, It’s totally your battle with yourself.  You’ll not be able to start the next chapter of your life if you’ll keep revising the older one. So, made your decision now? Yes, it is the right time to start and move on to better things.


I have seen myself weak and lost at the same time. Fell several times. I have made mistakes, encountered anxiety attacks and what not. Seen myself in the most loneliest times and yes, I have failed. I have lost many precious things which I thought would last a forever, but now where I’m? Where am I heading upto?

Felt, nothing would be easy in my life and but you know what kept me going? My self belief and the positive attitude I had on my life. This story is not only mine but each one of us silently facing all the hardships with a pleasant smile hiding away the fears behind. It isn’t easy to battle from yourself but I promise, there will come a day in your life when everything will be changed and that happiness in the end, will be worth everything.

Phases, come and go.. But, at the end, you need both the sun and the rain to make it’s colors appear.  So, what are you thinking  up now? Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can, but don’t give up. You’re not a coward. You’re a fighter and challenge yourself, make your move and CONQUER! Get up and rise.






To The Road Not Taken!


Hello people! How’re you guys doing? Weekend is up so what are your plans, huh? Before starting up, I just want to say that I love you guys and thank you so much for the response you people showed on “I STAND WITH DREAMERS”.

Okay, so let’s start with today’s discussion. Are you guys excited?

The blog titled ‘To The Road Not Taken’ is almost the story of each on of us, constantly struggling to choose the road we want to pursue. I thought of writing this as I personally felt that there was a need for such a topic to be discussed on such a wider platform.

I ain’t walking away from my fears, I ain’t walking away from my worries, just another day and choose to keep moving no matter where it takes me. Whatever may be the circumstance, life always offer us with Two Roads. Some may end up choosing the most comfortable one, whereas some willingly choose the path full of difficulties and are ready to live a life, grinding. Everyone wants to be successful but it’s totally about the decision to choose the correct road you want to traverse. You aren’t really aware about what’s going to happen next but it’s important to figure out what is good and what is bad for you. It’s the right time to choose which road you want to travel!

The road may end up dark, full of anxiousness but don’t stop. Wait for that patronus and you’ll see the sky, your way full of light!

I lost my way when things were hard,

Sorrows and aches became my scars.

No one guided me how to sail and how to reach the shore,

They said, you’re just a dreamer without any hope.

I struggled with the ocean of sorrows, life became hard and just had to cope!

And.. Then, I saw the sky full of light. Clearly, saw my destine written to be very bright!

The boy who only knew how to dream, accepted the challenge and made it to the shore, You know what kept him going? His self belief and the decision to choose the road, which made him to the shore. He stood there, he learned, he conquered, he won!

My friend, you’re close, very close. Don’t stop, not for anyone, not for anything.

I just want to end this by saying- Go on and live whatever, comes your way at the end and don’t forget to add a happy smile to it.



Hello People! I know it’s been long that I have not been writing anything for you people and I’m really sorry for that. So, how’re you guys doing?

So, today’s blog titled “I stand with dreamers” is just a message from a dreamer himself!


I’m overwhelmed and tired at the same time.

I’m a bit lost on my way!

I’m lagging behind with many things,

I’m in a space where i feel alone and saturated, But?

I dream. I dream every single second, every minute. I dream of my own beautiful world. I really want to make a change in my life and leave a mark.

Here, I stand with all those have been failing consistently with their grades but still wish to get up every time strong, I stand with all those who have been categorized as fellows, not good enough or worthy for anything. I really stand for all those who have been suffering a lot and are drowning in their sorrows.

But you know what? You absolutely have to believe in that you’re capable to create a change in your life as well in other’s life. Yes, you’re worthy and good enough with everything possible and yes, you will create a mark, My Friend!

“To dream is to create something and that means you’re already one step ahead from others, so what do you choose? To be the LEADER or to follow the LEAD?”

I want to conclude here by saying that,

I believe a dream is just like an echo. What you sow, you reap. What you imagine, you get!

Till then, keep hustling and keep smiling!


Be You; Let the World Adjust!

Hello to all the readers! How’re you guys doing? So, let’s get started with today’s discussion.


The blog titled “Be You; Let the World Adjust” is a note to all those individuals who have been working hard on their vision but substantially got influenced and have forgotten what it means to be ‘YOU’. Do you think even you’re categorized into this? My friend, This is for you!

Let me ask you one simple question. Honestly, ask this from yourself – ” The system you breath in or the world you live in?”. So, where do you think you actually are? Ask your mind. Where do you actually lie? Well, I’ll always and always choose to breath in my system rather than living in the world. Your system is just your space, your area without any rules and obligations and here, you are just being yourself . Living in the world means to be bound; to rely on someone for something and being influential without any inner peace. So, have you made your decision now? Good!

Everyone out here is aligned with his own timings. Many are successful at a very young age and many are actually striving to get a monthly bonus. The one’s being successful followed a simple rule of sticking to their plans , to themselves and ‘JUST REMAINED WHAT THEY ACTUALLY WERE’. They are the one’s working from dawn to dust and just believed in themselves, that yes- THEY CAN DO IT! It’s good to hustle and strive but don’t change your plans seeing someone else. Only you know what you’re capable of, so do not stop working on them, seeing someone else.


Here, are some points on how to remain focused on your vision to achieve something!

  1. If you’re going to beat yourself for all the things you’re doing wrong, learn to reward yourself for all the things you’re doing right. Learn to reward yourself.
  2. Try to make yourself a PERSISTENT character rather, than being consistent. Being persistent is of value.
  3. Look at all the things you have been getting right, the skills you have developed and knowledge and understanding you have now and that you didn’t have months ago.
  4. Always believe in working smarter. Working hard as I believe, is not good enough. You just end up cramming and there is no time left to develop yourself.
  5. Struggle being the average and learn being the richest. This is what I feel. Be a person who is always ready to learn and has the strength to face challenges.
  6. Just believe in what you’re and what you can be. Trust on your timings and choose the right path always.
  7. Create your own move rather than learning to play from someone.